Top Benefits Of Using A Whizzinator Touch For A Urine Test

A whizzinator is a product that has the appearance and functions of a male urinary organ. It is used for various reasons but mostly utilized to substitute urine samples for drug tests. When you buy a whizzinator, it mainly comes as a kit along with synthetic urine, syringe and heater packs that keep the fake pee at the recommended body temperature.ASDCAqsaca

As expected, there are other similar products like The Pissinator and The Urinator, but the whizzinator is the most popular among them all because of its design and quality synthetic penis combined with its 100% chances of success.

Whizinator Touch

The whizzinator touch is the latest model and as the name states it’s a touch-to-use, unlike the previous versions that required one to flip a switch to use. One only needs squeezing the “head” of the whizzinator to release the urine thus making it look very natural. The benefits of using a whizzinator for a urine test include:

Ease of usage

The whizzinator touch, unlike the previous version, is very to use. Since all that is required is pressing of the front part of the device and the fake urine comes out. As such, this requires no extra or advanced knowledge of how to use it thus passing out as natural as it can be.


The whizzinator touch is very comfortable when in use. As it comes with a strap that one uses to secure it around the abdomen, hence making sure that it’s safely placed for longer hours with no spills. This ensures that when taking a test, one is as natural as when taking a regular piss.


Another top benefit of the whizzinator touch for a urine test is that it comes in different colors making it easier to blend along different skin tones thus providing a broad range of usability between different people. These colors include but not limited to black, brown, tan and white.


The whizzinator touch is much cheaper and affordable than any other prosthetic penis. This makes it easily available for many people. Also, since it uses fake urine, which passes the tests easily and can be bought online and delivered to your doorstep. This device also is cheap on maintenance as it only requires safekeeping and handling.