What You Should Know About Water Damage

When a drain backs up, a flood occurs, or a pipe bursts in your premises, it can be difficult to determine the mess it can cause. In such a case, a lot of things will run through your mind. One of the things most homeowners get worried about is whether their homeowner’s insurance can cover the same. The fact is that water damage phoenix is quite stressful and when you know understand it; it becomes easy to address it. The following are important things you should understand about water damage.

Facts about water damage

Insurance policies for water damage and flotg2we6y27u282i92i2od damage

Most people think that their homeowner’s insurance covers all damages caused by water. You should note that this type of policy can not cover flood damage. Thus, if you reside in an area that experiences flooding, ensure you specify whether you are claiming compensation for flood damage or water damage.

It is advisable to study your insurance cover and understand what is covered and what is not. For instance, the majority of policies cover abrupt damage such as overflowing washing machine or severe storm. However, damage that results because you failed to maintain your property as required may be excluded. Also, gradual leaks, which cause damage over time can be excluded.

Duration of water damage

If water has damaged your property, you have no luxury of waiting for the right time to start cleanup and restoration. In fact, mold growth poses serious health risks. Remember that mold spores are nearly everywhere and require nutrient source and moisture to thrive. Moreover, that is what exactly your drywall or carpet offers. You have 24 to 48 hour before mold starts to grow. After this, it will start to grow rapidly. When it spreads, you will require services of experts to remove and treat mold.

Inform your insurance company

When ytg2e6y7eduu8id6t26272u82our property suffers water damage, you need to notify your insurance provider immediately. This is quite helpful as far as claim processing is concerned. The agent can guide you through the required steps to protect your premises like stopping the source of water. Moreover, it can direct you to its recommend water restoration companies. It is not a must you call their preferred company. Ensure you select a reputable company that offers great services.

If you suffer extensive damage, the company will be required to use aggressive measures and equipment to clean your property and structure. Remember that this type of damage can be expensive and dangerous to remediate it on your own.