Information About the Best and Latest Electric Cars

The sales of electric vehicles are increasing gradually all over the world since their introduction in the market. It is expected to rise to 65% during 2015 than previous years due to increasing awareness about saving petrol. The technological improvement in these electric cars has also attracted people to buy them for their personal as well as commercial use. Brief information about some electric cars the latest and the best is provided in this write-up so that you can easily choose a suitable one for you.Electric Car 01

BMW i3 hatchback: This electric car is known for its beautiful interior design and excellent performance that
includes excellent build and flat floor as compared to its petrol and diesel models. The company claims to run it up to 125 miles with full charge but it can be taken up to 90 miles.

Tesla Model S saloon: The company has introduced this top range electric car to compete with opponents including BMW and Mercedes etc. You can run these cars up to more than 300 miles on one charge, depending on the model you have selected.

Electric Car 02Ford Focus Electric hatchback: It is the first electric car produced by Ford by combining all the important features that can help in providing the best performance to its users. The range of this car in full charge is up to 100 miles.

Volkswagen e-up! Hatchback: The cost of this electric car is somewhat more than its petrol model even if their design and size are compatible for any city. The range of this fully charged car is 90 miles that can be enough for the people living in cities.

Renault Twizy hatchback: This electric car is known for its unique design. It offers space for two persons only and is styled like a moon buggy in which instead of full doors thin bars are used to get in and out of it. The range of this fully charged car is 30-50 miles depending on where you are driving it.

Kia Soul hatchback: They have updated their 2014 model to give longer and wider car this year to their customers. ItElectric Car 03 is one of the best electric cars with extremely roomy interior and better look than various other cars in this range.

Nissan Leak hatchback: In UK it was the first electric car placed on sale with some futuristic features including hi-tech interior and exceptional looks. As per the company’s claim, it can run up to 124 after fully charged.

Thus, the reviews of some electric cars the latest and the best provided in this write-up can help you in choosing the best one for you.