Features Of An Office Space

The majority of employers have actualized that the surrounding environment influences the performance of its workers directly. A well-organized office space contributes to increased productivity and creativity. A workspace design aids employees in any business entity to feel connected to the roles they are carrying out. Customer’s satisfaction is achieved through a good workspace design. Currently, there is existence of workspaces that resembles a playing ground. Large enterprises nowadays opt for workspaces which are open and collaborative. Find My Workspace will help you get the best space for your work. The following are some of the features of an office space;


Open plans

mmmnmnmnmnmHuman beings like socializing while working. Most organizations have opted for open plans so as the employed staff can interact with each other without restrictions. Researchers have shown open plans improves the working relations between the workers. Modern offices have adapted open programs so as to encourage interaction while working. The productivity of the company will be increased as a result.

Hot desking

Hot desking involves allowing employees to work at any desk of their choice. Hence the workers are not chained to a particular desk. It has resulted in office costs being reduced, and networking opportunities are increased at the same time. It has made workers to work at any place thus making the open space more valuable.

Common spaces

When open areas are designed for particular staff meetings and larger projects are collaborated always create a community feel impression. Employees working on problems which are tough in groups helps in solving the problems in the shortest time possible. Hence the firm’s productivity is increased at the end of the day.

Functional buildings

Office buildings which are vast and corporate are equipped with gyms, cafes, libraries, restaurants, cafes, and bars. By having these facilities within office buildings, workers can stay longer in the office. Hence the work given is completed promptly. More idea is generated at the end of the day which helps the company or business in improving it services.


Most business organizations are now using green color instead of black in various design projects in offices. The majority of firms’ office space is devised in an environment which is sustainable and friendly at the same time. For the majority of working staff, environmentalism usually is an essential issue for them.

Visualization of values

kmmllmmbbxzThe physical representation of the employee’s culture in an office should be clearly defined. Ping pong tables and the perks offered in the organization should be forgotten by workers while working. The essential aspect of the office space are those employees that align with one’s culture.

Features of the PH Lamps

One of the main features of the PH lamps is the fact that they are designer lamp fixtures. The innovative Danish writer and designer, Poul Henningsen designed the PH lamps in 1958. The lamps are manufactured by Louis Poulsen. They are available as a series of designer light fixtures. The shade size of individual PH lamps is indicated by the PH light lamp model number. The koglen lamps offers one of the best ph lamps.  The lights are designed based on an innovative three-shade system.


Integral shades

Integral shades are one of the features of the PH lamps. The designer lamp fixtures are designed with concentric hjplmbvxzlamp shades. The shades serve the function of eliminating visual glare. The PH lamps’ light source is obscured by the shades.

This results in the emission of reflected lights. The integral chrome diffusers in the PH lamp design ensure that the overall light diffusion ensures an even and proper reflection of the light source. Most of the light emitted by the PH lamps is directed downwards.

Laser beam technology

To produce contemporary, modern shape lines, the leaves of the PH lamps are cut using laser beam technology.
The PH lamps are usually quite heavy. To support this weight, the whole PH lamp fixture is supported using the strong aircraft grade stainless steel material. To handle the pendant’s heavyweight, a heavy duty UL listed junction box is required during installation.
When a metal halide light source is used, an alternating power supply with a rating of 220 to 277 volts is required. The PH lamp also requires a dedicated circuit breaker that has a rating of 20A.

Light sources

The wide variety of light sources is one of the features associated with the PH lamps. The PH lamp light source could be a fluorescent source. In this configuration, the ballast is mounted on the lamps’ canopy. An incandescent light source can also be used in the PH lamp design. In this case, the light source is usually a high powered xenon bulb or a halogen variant.

The most common light source used in PH lamp design is a metal halide light source. When the metal halide light source is employed, a canopy mounted ballast design is used. This makes the lamp stable while conferring additional weight.

The Poulsen Artichoke

gpmmbbbbThe Poulsen Artichoke pendant of the PH lamps comes in different materials. The pendant may be crafted using copper or brushed stainless steel. The pendant may also have a wet painted white finish. Usually, the pendants are available in three different sizes. The choice will be entirely dependent on the clients’ preferences and application. The PH lamp’s finished surfaces may either be high luster or matte finish. This enhances the lamps’ visual appeal while maintaining its’ functionality and practicality.